“My greatest appreciation goes to the staff at The Enclave and the care given to my aunt, Aileen Kilburn. While it’s true that I can be unrelenting, the staff always followed through. Shabella now knows my name when I call. Diahan has been so generous with her time; literally like planning a wedding in getting my family a virtual visit. Annette, the social worker, has been most responsive and caring with good follow through. I’ve even spoken with the Director, Annette, for updates. Mary, also called me a couple of times with updates.

Ameet, my aunt’s nurse, let me use her personal cell to let me speak to my aunt. She always followed up, as I got a call as soon as rounds was done.

Please share with the staff how incredibly grateful and thankful we are for the professional generosity and care given to Aileen.

Many thanks to the support staff (aides, dietary, housekeeping), that make everyone’s job a little easier and lighter.”

Humbly thankful,
Vinnette Perry, RN

“I had to send you this note to commend your amazing recreation staff, and to extend my gratitude to Ms. Diahan M., Director of the Recreation Department. Through these challenging times of Covid-19, Diahan and her staff have all gone above and beyond to maintain me and all other families connected with our loved ones through Facetime and to offer words of comfort and support to myself and my mother.

When I first came to The Enclave with my mother, I never knew what the outcome of care would be, as so often is the case when a family is put into the position of choosing a nursing home for a loved one. On that fateful day two years ago when I spoke with Ms. Cassie R. in Admissions, who worked closely with me to make an intricate process seamless, I never imagined that my decision would be proven to be the best one for my mother and me by the highly professional and compassionate care team of CNAs LPNs, RNs, Social Work Department and all others involved with her care.

Then there is Mr. Robert L., Assistant Director of Nursing. There is a special place in heaven reserved just for him. He never fails to take the time to answer my calls and address my concerns when I know all the responsibilities his job entails and how busy his day is.

Amazing things are truly happening at The Enclave – because of the exceptional people who work there.” – Nelly R.

“I am so happy with this place!” – Patricia L.

“Working in an environment with great, talented people whose sole focus is to better the lives of others has been a tremendous opportunity and eye-opener to what is really valued in life. Day-in and day-out nurses and staff provide care and services to maintain the dignity and wellbeing of those for whom we care and it really is inspiring to be part of a team who are fortunate to be givers.” – Robert H.

“I have been feeling absolutely wonderful with the progress I have been making. Tim, the therapist, has been fabulous in helping me walk with steady balance, and some of the aides are really nice and helpful.” – Mary B.

“I have had a wonderful time, while recuperating here, at The Enclave. Tim and Robert, my therapists, are excellent at their jobs, and additionally provide moral support and encouragement to help get through the tougher days. The nursing staff is very attentive and Helen, the director, is a special person.” – MaryAnn B.

“I feel privileged to work in a capacity where I can improve the lives of others. Giving back is what drives me and inspires me to continue every single day. Interacting with so many diverse people who have different needs, wants, and outlooks, has shaped me as a person to be more sensitive and caring to different perspectives. I feel blessed to be in such an environment.” – Subi P.

“The staff here gives great care to the patients, treating them with respect and making sure all their needs are taken care of. This really is a great environment to recuperate.” – Mannie G.

“I have been so thrilled with the care I am receiving and the progress I’ve made over the past few weeks. It’s not just the nurses and therapists who look out for me, but everyone here has been so friendly and focused on going out of their way for my behalf. On the follow up visit to my doctor, he could not believe how well I was walking and ambulating. I am so grateful for all that the team has done for me.” – Lisa

“I have only been here for a few days, but my stay here has been absolutely wonderful. The nursing staff is caring and responsive, the therapists are kind and have been making me work hard, and the food has been very good. Looking forward to everything getting even better.” – Elizabeth

“Working at The Enclave has been a privilege where I am in a position to care for people and improve their lives. I enjoy bringing smiles to both residents and families alike, which is so meaningful.” – Patricia

“The team here is really a warm, caring team, and the therapists were absolutely phenomenal!” – Maria

“When the hospital told me they were sending me to The Enclave, I had no idea what to expect since I had never heard of the place, but this was such a perfect fit for me. The staff here have gone above and beyond to make sure I have all the care I need. The aides and nurses were so caring and respectful, and the therapists were absolutely phenomenal. I have had such an amazing experience here and have no doubt in my mind that I am back to walking as quickly as I am because of the great care this team provided.” – Susan

“I have had such a great experience here with all the staff being polite and wonderful. The aides take very good care of me, the therapists are very engaging and encourage me to do my best. I know all the staff, including members of the kitchen and maintenance team who are very friendly to everyone.” – Sheldon K.

“I came to The Enclave to rehabilitate my fractured leg and I spent a couple of months with some wonderful people. My aides were really fantastic people who were always compassionate and respectful. My therapists, Robert and Collette, were excellent, gently encouraging me to get stronger. The medical team were extremely knowledgeable and I felt confident I was receiving the best possible care. I am thrilled to be back home and am grateful to the entire team at The Enclave who were so very kind to me in my time of need.” – Michael R.

“I have been in a number of nursing facilities in the past and this was by far the best experience I have ever had. I was also here in 2009 and it has since improved so much! The therapists are wonderful, the nurses and CNA’s are caring, and the atmosphere is one of family. I have gotten to know so many special and devoted people here who will always remain in my thoughts.”

“I sleep comfortably at night knowing that my husband is in good, caring hands. We are grateful for the continued support and compassion provided by the entire team, including the doctor, nurses and aides, who are devoted to ensuring all residents receive the best care!” – Family of T. L.

“I have only great things to say about The Enclave. I was here in the past, which is why I felt good coming back, and it has only gotten better. The therapists are wonderful and the aides were very nice. I felt comfortable and cared for throughout my stay and appreciate how they have been able to get me walking again.” – Maureen N.

“The therapists here are so wonderful. They are full of encouragement from day one, which played a huge role in getting me stronger. The nurses are nice and caring. I’m so excited to be going home!” – Marylou

“I would like to thank the staff at The Enclave for the care and love that they have showed me for the last two weeks. The nurses and supervisors have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make me feel safe and comfortable. The team of 2 West are a lot of fun and down to Earth. Josein and Carol are also among the best; we have laughed a lot since I got here, and I have developed a good friendship. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Jacob and his managerial staff are the best. Everyone here was so friendly and helpful, always.” – Frank Fucile

“What you guys have done here is a miracle.”

“My husband Rafael came to The Enclave for rehab following his month long hospitalization for a stroke that impaired the left side of his body. He was admitted alert but unable to communicate and unable to walk or perform daily activities. An intense regimen of therapy from the interdisciplinary team over the course of 7 weeks, enabled Rafael to go home walking, unaided, and perform all activities of daily living with supervision. Not only were the Rehab and nursing teams caring and devoted, but staff members from all departments, including the kitchen, would offer help and encouragement throughout our time here. The warm atmosphere and supportive staff made us feel so cared for. What a great team.” – Family of Rafael O.

“I came to The Enclave following my hospitalization for a heart infection which weakened me to the point where I was bedridden and no longer able to function independently. For my first couple of weeks I had a pic-line with IV antibiotics for the infection, and needed assistance for basic activities of daily living (ADL’s), including getting dressed. The Rehabilitation team was phenomenal in encouraging me to work on gaining the strength to be able to walk and care for myself. Within a week of my admission my therapists had me out of my wheelchair and walking with a rolling-walker. Along with my increasing strength I became more independent and began dressing myself once again, no longer needing any assistance. I progressed to a cane and within a month was discharged back home with the ability to function entirely independently and walk without any assistance. The Rehab team is amazing and I am so appreciative with how quickly they got me back home. The nursing team was also extremely supportive of me, both physically and emotionally, which greatly enhanced my recovery at The Enclave.” – Sally R.

“I have been involved with the recreation department in nursing facilities for many years and feel fortunate to work in such an environment. I enjoy spreading joy and creating meaningful interactions and relationships with our residents.” – Curvie M.

“I have been working at The Enclave as a Physical Therapist for over a year and since the day I joined the staff has been embracing and welcoming. With our interdisciplinary approach, all team members communicate effectively, sharing all relevant information so that we are all on the same page. Being able to guide residents to function independently again is extremely rewarding, which inspires me to come to work everyday.” – Parmveer K.

“I came to The Enclave from the hospital two days after having knee replacement surgery on my left knee. I could not immediately walk, but the Rehab team guided me, at first with a walker, then with a cane, and by the beginning of my third week here I could walk without any assistance. I still use a cane to prevent me from walking too quickly but I feel confident to walk unassisted and will walk out of here upright at the end of the week. The unbelievable members of the Rehab team are respectful, listen to you, care for your every concern and absolutely love what they do. I have fallen in love with this community and staff and am grateful for all they have done for me.” – M. Foust

“I recently had a hip replacement and needed a bit more Rehab before going home. I came to The Enclave and have to say that the Rehab team has met my expectations. They work very hard, have been very helpful, and have treated me very nicely. The nursing staff has also been very good, coming quickly when I call for them, as well as passing by often.” – Mary

“I work in a fast paced, challenging environment, with many moving parts. It is a joy to interact with my professional colleagues who excel at improving the lives of others. I enjoy going out to the hospitals and meeting with doctors, potential residents and their families to discuss the excellent care we offer here at The Enclave.” – K. Rodden, Director of Admissions

“I came to The Enclave to rehabilitate my balance and ambulation following a head injury. From the moment I walked in, the staff was on the lookout for my best and went beyond the call of duty to ensure my happiness. Each department excels at what they do- and communicates very well amongst one another so that they all have a complete picture of the resident’s needs. Safety, not to fall or lose my balance, was a concern of mine and after just one week I developed the confidence to maintain my balance and to walk up stairs.” – J. Kolaj

“I began volunteering here a number of years ago when my parents were here. While I would come to offer entertainment and inspiration, I felt that I was receiving so much more in return. I was treated as a member of the family, and I realized this was the place for me. I am so grateful to be a part of such a special community- being able to offer happiness to others- as well as receive.”
– D. Green, volunteer

“The atmosphere in here is so nice- the residents are all smiling!” – Jinny G., family member of resident

“The staff here is fabulous- no, really fabulous!” – Cara W.