Dysphagia Rehabilitation

New Exercises. Faster Performance. Enhanced Reporting.

Introducing New Synchrony 3.0!

Unlike any other dysphagia rehabilitation solution available, ACP’s Synchrony™ program enables SLPs and patients to “See the Swallow” using virtual reality augmented sEMG biofeedback. This allows SLPs to visualize patients’ swallowing activity – and then empowers them to guide therapeutic exercise with a series of engaging interactive activities. Now with new exercise visualizations, faster performance, new data dashboards, and advanced outcomes reporting, ACP’s SynchronyTM program gives SLPs more “power” than ever.

  • New Exercise Visualizations
  • Improved Performance for Pre-Exercise and Exercise Review
  • New Patient Dashboards for Enhanced Caseload Management

Omnistim® FX2

“Patterned Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation” (PENS) – With multiple patents related to Dysphagia, this proprietary e-stim waveform provides effective treatment for muscle weakness and neuromuscular re-education.

  • Patented applications for Dysphagia treatment
  • Helps improve neuromuscular control required for normal swallowing function
  • Addresses muscle disuse atrophy often associated with swallowing dysfunction
  • Provides passive “muscle warm-up” to augment therapeutic exercise, including OMNIsEMGTM program below
  • Gentle e-stim waveform is readily tolerated by most patients including aging adults


Virtual Reality Assisted Therapy – Using biofeedback signals, this unique virtual reality assisted program allows SLPs and patients to visualize swallowing activity for the first time. This important capability helps SLPs evaluate the quality of a swallow to guide therapeutic intervention, and to capture objective measurement data to demonstrate treatment progression and outcomes. The program also features several game-like, therapeutic activities displayed on a monitor, to engage patients and motivate them to exercise harder and longer.