Case Study: The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (December 2021)

Concierge: Moshe Wachs
Patient age: 76
Admission Date: 12/15/2021
Admitted From: Greenwich Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/22/2021
Length of Stay: 1 Week
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation following hip replacement surgery
How did the patient hear about The Enclave at Rye? He had a wonderful experience with us in the past.

Details of Experience: 

Frank was admitted to The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on December 15th, 2021, from Greenwich Hospital. Based on his previous stay with us, the Enclave at Rye was Frank’s first choice when deciding where to go following his surgery. 

Upon arrival, the concierge warmly welcomed Frank, and he was immediately evaluated by the interdisciplinary team, including nursing, rehabilitation, social services, concierge, and recreation departments. Frank sat down with the concierge to go over his requests and preferences, which would enable him to have the most successful rehabilitation experience possible. They enjoyed chatting with each other and instantly became friends.

Starlyn, our star Occupational Therapist, and Erin, Physical Therapist, met with Frank and performed their evaluation. Frank came from the hospital following hip replacement surgery. He presented with deficits in balance, activity tolerance, and generalized muscle weakness resulting in a decline in his performance of ADLs (activities of daily living) and indicating a need for skilled OT services. He also decreased functional mobility, decreased transfers, reduced ability to safely ambulate, reduced static and dynamic balance, and increased need for assistance from others, placing him at risk for falls. Frank would benefit from PT to improve his current function and return safely to his prior living situation. 

Dr. Abbey and our Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Buddah, met with Frank and ensured that his pain was being treated with the proper medications and dispensed at the appropriate time…to keep him out of pain and enable him to perform his best while working out in the gym. 

Frank is a funny man, and he would use his sense of humor to bring some joy to everybody. He enjoyed our group workouts and some of the recreational activities. He came with a good work ethic and was ready to give it his all, as he wanted to be home in time for the holidays.

Frank shocked us all in the gym with how fast he recovered from his surgery. After one week, he decided that he had reached his personal goals and was ready to go home in time for the holidays. Janel, our social worker, ensured a fast and safe discharge. 

On December 22nd, Frank was walking out the door on his own. Frank lives near the Enclave, so Moshe, our Concierge, was able to visit Frank in his home, and he was so excited when he saw Frank on his home turf doing well. We wish you the best at home and are so excited for you!