Case Study: The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (October 2021)

Concierge: Moshe Wachs
Patient Age: 66 years old
Admission Date: 1/18/2021
Admitted From: New York Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/14/2021
Length of Stay: 9 Months
How did the patient hear about The Enclave at Rye: The patient was aware of our Amputee Walking School.
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation following a bilateral amputation.

Details of Experience: 

Freddie was admitted to The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on January 18th, 2021, from New York-Presbyterian Hospital. The Enclave at Rye was recommended to Freddie as the best place for him to heal and learn to walk with his prosthetics. 

Upon arrival, the concierge warmly welcomed Freddie, and he was immediately evaluated by the interdisciplinary team, including nursing, rehabilitation, social services, concierge, and recreation departments. Freddie and his family were put in touch with Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler from the CareRite Amputee Training and Rehabilitation Program, who educated them about the program and gave encouragement. 

Tim, Occupational Therapist, and Lauren, Physical Therapist, met with Freddie and performed their evaluation. Freddie presented as a bilateral amputee below the knee, following amputation due to gangrene. Freddie was totally dependent on activities of daily living (ADLs), transfers, and ambulation and would benefit tremendously from PT and OT. Dr. Abbey and The Enclave’s Wound Care Physician stayed on top of Freddie’s wound, helping the healing process along the way until Freddie would be able to get his prosthesis. 

Two weeks into Freddie’s stay, a care plan meeting was held discussing his progress and the plan ahead. 

Freddie enjoyed watching TV and spending time with his daughter when she visited. He participated in some recreational activities and stayed very positive throughout.  

After a few months, the wound was healed, and Freddie got measured and fitted for his prosthesis, and they were ordered. After the prosthesis arrived, Freddie restarted his PT for prosthetic training. He required increased assistance during ADLs using his new prosthetics and had increased muscle weakness and difficulty maintaining his balance. With the assistance of Todd and Dennis, Lauren and Tim retrained Freddie on how to ambulate with his prosthesis, and every small achievement was celebrated. What an accomplishment! Within a short time, Freddie was up and walking with a rolling walker.

After 9 months here, Freddie was ready to return home. We were all so happy about his progress, and we were all ecstatic about his discharge! On October 14th, we all gathered in the main lobby to escort our hero out to his car. With posters and music, we all wished Freddie the best of luck! It was a very emotional day for Freddie and the staff who loved him.